Tax Exempt?

Is your company/organization tax exempt?

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Once you have an account, please send your tax exemption along with your purchase order or confirmation to:

Teledyne Analytical Instruments
Teledyne API
Teledyne Hastings
Teledyne Monitor Labs

During the checkout process, sales tax will be displayed! The actual exemption will occur after order placement. The sales tax will be removed on your final invoice receipt and your credit card will not be charged that amount.



Teledyne Analytical Instruments Email:
Phone: 1(626) 934-1500
Teledyne API Email:
Phone: 1(858) 657-9800
Teledyne Hastings Email:
Phone: 1(800) 950-2468
Teledyne Monitor Labs Email:
Phone: 1(800) 934-2319